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Tanning Menu

1. ​Airbrush Tan With Bronzer

  • Light

  • Medium

  • Dark


2. Aromatherapy Airbrush Tan with Scents

  • Tropical Breeze (Coconut for relaxation)

  • Sex On The Beach (Fruity scent for stress relief)

  • Peppermint Twist (Peppermint scnfor energizing)

  • At The Cottage (Sandalwood scent for spiritual harmony)

  • Sweet Dreams (Lavender scent for relaxation & sleep)

  • Girls Night Out (Jasmine scent for an aphrodisiac)


3. Extras

  • Malakite & Pre-Tan Prep (Lemon Fresh)

  • Twinkle Tan – Choice of Silver, Blue or Gold glitter

  • Combo Tan – Aromatherapy & Twinkle Tan


Treat Yourself – It’s Not Just a Tan!

** Prices vary depending on Location, Time & Extras **

Packages Available

$10.00 Referral Credits / Buy 9 Tans and Get the 10th Free



Our Customized Solutions


1.  Flawless Tans Dye Free (preferred for weddings) - Coming Soon!

Better than Bronzer   Dye-free solution

Clear dye-free sunless spray will not rub off because the active ingredient, DHA, changes the color of your skin to a natural bronze by reacting to the amino in the epidural layer. There is no use of any dye or bronzer. The reaction process does takes about four hours to first appear.

Finally, there a solution so ingenious that it bears multiple patents. After you spray it on you simply check the application with a black light wand. Your application will glow bright under the black light and allows you to instantly see if you have missed any areas. Technicians can easily fix areas missed before the DHA reaction takes place.

The patented spray is virtually drip-free and Organic Aloe Vera based. The solution dries in seconds leaving the skin moisturized and treated with an infusion of Vitamins A,E & C plus Green Tea. This new spray tan solution provides the best sunless tan– “Absolutely Flawless".


2. Organic Aloe (for light skin)

Organic Aloe Sunless Spray

Organic Aloe Sunless Spray is made from Organic Aloe Vera (leaf juice), water and DHA. This tan would be ideal for those people with light to medium complexion. Tan will be visible immediately. Color is natural bronze and not too drastic.


2. Dark Tanning Solution (for dark skin)

Dark Tanning

The Dark Tan Solution is ideal for those with darker skin tones or have a base tan already. Dark Tan is visible immediately.




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