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About Our Tans

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Customize your Colour

With our flexible range of tanning packages

Spray-on tan at home? YES!! We come to your home, your hotel, or even your office. Pretty much anywhere you’d like to get a sunless tan, we can be there. Tan on the Run was Canada's first mobile tanning salon.


Whether it’s to prepare for a vacation in the sun, look good for an event, or to simply to look your best, an airbrush spray tan from Tan on the Run will give you flawless tan every time. Tan on the Run uses only the highest quality ingredients.


Choose from our popular Aloe Vera based formulations with Pro-Vitamin B5 for intense hydration. Discover the luxury of an emulsion formula that goes on light and dries to a supple smooth feel with natural color.

Who Should Tan with Us

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Regular Tanning vs. Tan on the Run

Tanning, in its least glamorous form, is simply the body's response to skin cell damage caused by ultraviolet light. Through a chain of cause-and-effect, exposure to UVA and UVB radiation stimulates the production of melanin, the skin's pigment, in a desperate attempt to protect the skin from further damage.


Unfortunately, as each layer of skin sheds every 2 to 3, newer cells will revert to their usual level of melanin, leaving the skin once again vulnerable to ultraviolet light. The cycle repeats itself, resulting in damaged skin that has lost its elasticity (i.e. tough, leathery, and prematurely wrinkled), 'liver spots', and a range of skin cancer conditions from basal cell to carcinoma, to melanoma. The reality is alarming - one out of every five North Americans will develop skin cancer.  For a while, tanning beds, though expensive and time-consuming, seemed like an attractive alternative, and were touted as the healthy alternative to sun tanning. Unfortunately however, serious questions have now been raised as to the health risks associated with this method.


There are two types of ultraviolet rays that burn the skin - UVA and UVB. Of the two, UVB is the more harmful. Tanning beds claim to screen ultraviolet light. However this claim only applies to UVA.  The Skin Cancer Foundation states that more than 23 minutes per year in a tanning bed does irreparable harm. The radiation from tanning beds is 5 times the intensity of the noontime sun at the equator.  A serious study of the hazards of ultraviolet light would lead you to be extremely cautious regarding exposure to ultraviolet light.


Tan on the Run, however, is different. Regardless of your skin type or your schedule, Airbrush Tanning is right for everyone!  Unlike traditional tanning using sunlight or beds, Airbrush Tanning carries no risk of harmful UV rays, which means that people with a high risk of skin cancer can still get their glow without any risk. Allergies?  No problem. We have specifially developed hypoallergenic formulas just for you.  Regardless of whether you have dry skin or oily skin, we can recommend a tanning package that will accomplish your goals both for colour and for skin care.  We have formulas that are safe for pregnancy, safe for skin conditions, made with organic ingredients, Vegan and gluten free! 


• Hypoallergenic

• Paraben-Free

• Certified Organic Ingredients

• Aloe Vera based, Essential Oils


• Results up to 7-10 days

• Customized for all skintones

• 20 Minute appointment

• Anti-cellulite + Anti-aging Formula


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