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Dance Groups

Spray tanning has become a staple in dance.  Competitors can look just as bright as their glittery costumes.  Past reputation has dancers worry about subjecting themselves to the possibility of an orange glow.  This is something you do not have to think about with Tan On The Run’s specially formulated tanning solutions.


Our solution is hypo-allergenic, organic and we guarantee a natural looking tan that not only makes you look more toned, but also is good for your skin.


spray tanning cheerleaders

Allure magazine recently sat down with Cheryl Burke from "Dancing With The Stars". Burke said spray tanning doesn't just improve the dancers' skin, but their bodies, too:

"There's no requirement to be tan but your body looks sleeker, thinner, and more toned when you are tan."


And while Burke doesn't use the show's spray tanning services, she did admit to getting tanned twice a week. After all, that faux gold has become a staple on the show:

"Tanning on the show has become legendary. It wouldn't be the same without it!"

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