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Direct URL for your location!

We have created direct links to your location! Now, instead of having to go to and then go to the locations page and find your location, they can simply type in your

For example, the Barrie location can be found at

There are a few things to note:

  • For those of you serving multiple areas, there may not be a url for all of the areas you serve. If you find that the main area does not have a url and you would like it to, please contact and ask that it be created.

  • The url does not work with www typed in front of it. That is because the way this works is that your city name replaces the www.

  • Depending on where you are advertising, you may want to either use your location-specific url, or the direct url.

  • After the url loads, it will say something something different in the address bar. That is normal and happens with most pages (try going to ), so don't worry. The point is that it got them there!


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